You Can Be 

  • We Bring The Studies
  • We Bring The Support
  • We Bring the Expertise
  • You Help Recruit Patients
  • Together We Provide Top Quality Data
  • Patients Get Special One on One Care

Clinical Research

 We have a mission to provide superior care to our patients, build a business where our Providers and Staff enjoy coming to work and deliver a profit to our Physician owned practices.  That sounds simple but with health care changes over the past 20 years this task has pushed us to look far and wide for better efficiencies and additional revenues.

Through our past experiences, our practice has created a unique mix of services that allows the Providers the time flexibility to practice medicine the way they want and still remain autonomous and profitable.  

We Are In The Same Boat

SURVIVING as an Independent Medical Practice Takes Skill...

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Over the past decade our practice has conducted over 175 clinical trials for just about every major pharmaceutical company in the world.  Research is complicated and heavily reliant on the experience of the Research Clinic and Medical Doctor.


We can help your practice add revenues with the current patients in your practice. We help with business development, regulator, recruitment, Study Coordinators and medical oversight.  You function as a Primary or Sub Investigator and conduct the physician portion of the visit.  We both win. 

You see patients every day that could live without medication if they would only lose some weight. You preach and teach and explain yet your patients can't seem to lose the body fat.  QMed Weight Loss Clinics was developed to help solve this problem.

QMed is a bolt on to your practice that helps patients, creates revenues through Provider and MA consults, food and product sales and direct support. Obesity rates in America are approaching 30 and we know the health ramifications of carrying so much extra weight. Help your practice and your patients with ed Weight Loss Clinics.

Moving to a concierge practice may not be the best step for you. We've developed a way to add cash paying clients to your practice and still maintain your traditional insurance practice. Deductibles have been been rising over the past decade and Obamacare is going to continue that trend. We see cash for care being the next boom in medicine. Our program helps put you in touch with patients that are looking to bypass insurance and work directly with your practice...the way it should be, the way it used to be


Direct contracting between mid size businesses (50-250 employees) and Medical Providers is going to become an important trend. Large companies are hiring Doctors on their staff to care for employees, why not 'lease' or 'rent' a Provider instead.  We can help put these mini networks together.   

  • We Help Market
  • We Provide Food Profits
  • We Give You A System
  • You Help Patients
  • We Help Solve Obesity

Medical Weight Loss
  • We Market You
  • We Bring Cash Clients
  • We Help Patients Find Affordable Testing
  • You Fill Empty Time Slots
  • You Add New Patients

Cash Medical Care
  • We Find Small Businesses
  • We Build A  Mini  Med Network
  • You Receive Fixed Monthly Revenue.  
  • You Collect Point of Care Pay
  • You Manage Time Options
  • Together We Offer Another Option To Obamacare.

Direct Contracting
  • We Share What Works
  • We Help Get You Set Up.
  • We Understand The Billing and Pre-authorization Hurdles
  • We Analyze Your Practice To Fit The Right Programs
  • You Bill and Collect

Ancillary Services

For almost two decades we have been on the front line of medicine in Arizona. In order to stay profitable we have come up with a unique offering of products and services that increase the bottom line and match goals of quality care.

Medical Research
Call us today 520-631-7400. Together we can SURVIVE!
Medical WeiGHT Loss
Call us today 520-631-7400. Together we can PROSPER!
Cash Care - Direct Contracting