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Cash Medical


Patients trying to find out what a lab test or MRI or any number of medical visits and procedures actually cost is next to impossible. is an online market place where patients can find pricing from Providers with extra capacity in their schedule to offer a one time 'spot price' for their services.


If you own a $2 million MRI machine and it's not running you're losing money, allows the MRI owner to fill schedule gaps through cash paying clients. This same concept cash discounts to fill open appointments applies with Doctor visits, Urgent Care, plastic surgery, blood labs and much much more. 


Weight Loss

Help patients, add revenue - visit to learn more. Consult revenue..Food revenue...Turn key program. 



Add revenues using your own patients. Clinical research is complicated but we can help. Visit

Direct Medical


Mid size employers (51-200 employees) are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to providing medical care to their employees. Government mandates coming from the passage of Obamacare are squeezing employers at ever direction.


This climate is ripe for a direct care model where by employers work directing with physician groups to handle primary care. Our model puts the Providers and employers together using already existing insurance brokers and HR companies. Here's how we see the trend for direct care going:

  1. Large employers are bringing Doctors and clinics in house to care for their staff. This direct hiring cuts costs and employee sick days. Smaller firms can't afford to hire a doctor but they can 'rent' a doctor group. 
  2. Self insurance by businesses for their staff satisfies Obamacare mandates placed on employers (for now!) We are seeing Employers self insure, buy a large reinsurance policy  (say at $50,000) and manage all the costs up to the reinsurance amount. Employers are taking on the risk. A direct physician group can help mitigate that risk. 
  3. Employers are already moving to higher deductible plans. With an option like our Direct Care Model they can provider their employees with superior General Medical Care and not leave the employee exposed.
  4. The employer pays a monthly fee directly to your practice, the employee has a small co-pay to curb over utilization. The practice make stable monthly revenues and one time cash payments at point of care.
  5. A captive rate on a healthy working population of blue and white collar workers should be a win for the medical practice.

More on Direct Contracting with Employers from The American Academy of Family Physicians.  



You have the patients.....your directing their care...why not serve your patients better and increase your practice revenue through adding in testing services, procedures or products that your patients are looking for. For years we've researched, experimented and tested dozens of ancillary revenue items and have come up with a mix that serves our clients, is easy to administer and delivers profits to the practice. We can help your practice avoid pitfalls and add just the right mix for your patients. Here's a list of options we've added; 

Aesthetics & Injectables

Pain Management Compliance Programs  

Durable Medical Devices (DME) In Your Practice

Lab Draw and Processing for ALL Labs

Genetic Screening Services & Interpretation 

Endopat - Hivamat - ABI In Your Practice 

Personal Injury - Lien Medical Care 

Home Sleep Testing In Your Practice

Pharmacy Dispensing In Your Practice

Allergy Screen and Care In Your Practice

& Much More